After nine years of beautiful impact work – restoring Platbos Forest Reserve, Greenpop is taking a break from the Reforest Fest in 2020. We have some big ideas currently sprouting which will hopefully allow us to expand our work and get more trees in the ground. We are all bound to the future of our land. The work we do now to restore degraded ecosystems is the most critical work we as a common humanity have had to grapple with. This restoration will determine whether we survive or not.

In order for us, as an organisation, to fulfill our part of this mission, we feel committed to taking our next big steps with deep consideration for what can be accomplished by focusing our energy to achieve the most with the resources we have. Thank you for believing in our mission and wanting to get involved. The Reforest Fest is extremely special to us and we are working on bringing it back very soon. Keep an eye on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages and also our newsletter for further details on events and volunteer opportunities to come.

Our next big event is in July of 2020. You are welcome to check out the details by visiting