A celebration of music, heart & soil.

23 – 25 March 2018

Arrive Friday evening, pitch your tent and relax into a chilled night of gentle tunes under the ancient indigenous forest canopy. Enjoy delicious food and start bonding with awesome new friends around the campfire.

Awake early on Saturday for an action-packed day of planting 5000 trees; you will help to restore an ecosystem that is one of the most rare and endangered in the Western Cape. After planting thousands of trees in your teams, return to camp for a good shower and a forest party – complete with amazing live bands – to celebrate your achievement.

Sunday is a day to relax your body and stimulate your mind with fun, educational activities and workshops including guided forest walks, yoga, hula hooping and guest talks on sustainability topics.


Friends Fest Line-Up


TouchWood is an Indie-Folk band from Cape Town, South Africa. The band’s fresh, unique sound and catchy, upbeat melodies have made them popular right from the start with their first official gig being a main stage slot at The Flamjangled Tea Party Festival 2012. The band has since gone on to play the majority of South Africa and Spain’s most prominent festivals such as Rocking The Daisies, Splashy Fen, Pirineos Sur, Etnosur and The Heineken Jazz Festival of the Canary Islands.

Chico Muya

Chico Muya is a South African based singer-songwriter. His style of music is a happy blend of acoustic folk and pop. His songs are often described as warm, upbeat and easy listening. Chico recently decided to leave the comforts of his hometown (Durban), to push his growing music career to a new level in the Western Cape, where he currently resides. His incredibly electric stage presence, combined with his warm upbeat songs, make him a wonderfully entertaining act to watch.

Money for Bali

Money for Bali is a 5 piece reggae band that was formed in June 2016. This proudly South African band draws inspiration from multiple genres such as rock, blues, ska and jazz. Dust off your dancing shoes because this band will have you on your feet.

Psychedelic Theatre

The Psychedelic Theatre was born in heart of the psychedelic trance scene in Cape Town, South Africa in 2010. It is the brainchild of dancer, actress and physical theatre performer, Lanel van der Kolff. Since then, this group has become renowned for presenting performance spectacles that venture beyond the expectations of everyday human experience, into a realm of extrasensory fantasy. A sensory stimulus is flipped around, turned inside out and splashed out on a tantalizing performance canvas.


With a unique blend of medita-techno drumbeats and an obsession with weird tunes and mesmerising rhythms, Nevau treats each track and set as an aural journey. Having entered the world of DJing and music production through little Grahamstown’s dingy underground music scene in 2008, he honed his craft over the years with the Tomorrow Never Happened collective, and has since refined his sound of choice to the world-music, heartbeat-rhythm style.