Celebrating the age of restoration – join us! 

March 19 – 21 2021, Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat

The Reforest Fest is a tree planting celebration for everyone. Help plant thousands of trees, attend interesting workshops, dance under the stars, enjoy delicious food, local music and good friends.


We’re taking the Reforest Fest across the road from the original site to Bodhi Khaya Nature Retreat in 2021. Platbos Forest Reserve where we were previously has almost been fully re-planted – 62,000 trees later! Our planting efforts in the Overberg valley are now growing and we’ll be planting trees in pockets of previously forested land as part of a broader ecosystem restoration management plan being developed by the Walker Bay Fynbos Conservancy

We’re still partnering with Francois and the Platbos Forest Reserve to get the best trees in the area and bring the years of experience across the valley. Expect our full website launch in January 2021, but for now, pencil it into your diaries and show us your interest.


Collaborate: Share your talent with us, be it an activity that people can take part in, a workshop, a talk, or maybe your band plays awesome music!  If there is a slot for you, you will get a free ticket to the event.


Naturally, we’re incredibly excited to get our hands dirty with you again in 2021.

Love, the Reforest Fest Team